Here you can see some of the images from the Penthouse Apartment

La Manga Penthouse seen from the air

La Manga Penthouse seen from airplane

Video with images from the apartment and the surroundings

La Manga Penthouse apartment seen from the pool


Penthouse Living room

La Manga Penthouse LIving Room

Penthouse Living room seen from the other end

The living room 2

Penthouse Kitchen

La Manga penthouse kitchen

Penthouse bedroom

La Manga Penthouse Bedroom

Penthouse Bathroom

La Manga Penthouse Bathroom

Penthouse Balcony – 1 of 3

la manga penthouse balcony

Roof Terrace

La Manga Roof terrace

Roof Terrace, shower, grill

roof terrace - shower, grill

Bus stop

la manga bus stop

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